Empathetic co-workers for a thriving work environment

LoadShare Networks
2 min readMay 20, 2022


Having co-workers, who help you learn, grow and enjoy your job more, is one of the most important aspects for any positive and thriving work environment. We all have come across such colleagues, manager, leaders or subordinates who have made work more enjoyable and fun to do.

Joining a new organisation can be challenging for anyone. Having an empathetic co-worker in such times is a blessing. In this blog, Hazel Sanctis, who leads partner relations at LoadShare Networks, talks about how important is to help the new teammates get settled in the office environment.

Being empathetic — one of the most important traits of a good co-worker

Sharing my personal experience — I had joined LoadShare in March 2019 as an intern. Quite naturally, I had minimal experience and understanding of how the industry functions.

One thing I realised very quickly in my stint is, I was part of a team which was very empathetic. Be it senior leaders or my subordinates, I was provided enough context to get up to speed.

Being empathetic is a very important trait in a co-worker/ teammate. This is particularly helpful when you have joined a new organisation and are trying to acclimatise yourself with the new culture and set up.

How can I be a good co-worker?

One of the key qualities which I value the most about my senior managers is their dedication towards doing something by being responsive, positive and effective. This provided me a platform to expand my abilities and take up projects which is beyond my comfort zone.

I would like to emulate these qualities and help anyone who has joined our team and are getting started in order to reach the finish line in a marathon of projects and timelines. Not only do these help them settle their nerves, but this also help in increasing their confidence level very early in their career.

Active listening — A must to help your new co-worker

Working with someone of whom you are not afraid of sharing new ideas or venting out in times of exasperation is a boon, especially, when someone has just started as a new joiner. Lending an ear to that person, and having listened to the agony without passing any judgements, is one of the most important qualities that a colleague can demonstrate in such a situation.


From my personal experience, I have always tried to ensure that my teammates are comfortable during their orientation period itself. Showing a bit of empathy, actively listening to their ideas and guiding them by providing directions, all of them can make their transition quite smooth.